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Getting access to the tutors is one of the great benefits of this course; not all courses provide this. Digital Analytics Manager, Shop DirectTo ensure you get the most out of your online course, Southampton Data Science Academy is one of the few institutes to provide programmes that are tutor-led by data science experts.

What is a tutor-led online course?

Tutor-led online courses have one or more tutors who use their expertise to teach skills or material to individuals or groups through webinars, tutorials, online exercises, discussions and regular feedback.

What are the benefits of tutor-led courses?

There are many benefits of doing an online course that’s led by a tutor:

  • Your tutor’s passion for the subject will motivate you and inspire you, helping the content stick in your mind.
  • Your tutor will make complex data science ideas accessible. If you don’t understand the course material right away, they can provide an alternative explanation or use a different example.
  • If you have a question about the content, your tutors will be available to answer it. They will work with you to make sure you understand the subject fully.
  • Your tutor will help you become a more effective learner. They will ask you questions and discuss the course material with you, to help you find the solutions to problems yourself.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to discuss real-life examples from your workplace with your tutor, who may be able to suggest hands-on data science techniques you can use in your current role.
  • Your tutor will give you the confidence that you can succeed through providing frequent feedback on your progress throughout the course.

Why choose Southampton Data Science Academy's tutor-led training?

Head Tutor Manuel L Urrutia explains how tutoring can help you learn and apply data science skills more effectively:

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Your tutor team

Click on the photos to read more about each of the Southampton Data Science Academy tutors:

Image of Manuel León Urrutia

Dr Manuel L Urrutia

Head Tutor

Manuel is Senior Teaching Fellow in the Web and Internet Science research group of the Electronics and Computer Science department of the University of Southampton.

He holds an MSc & PhD in Web Science, and an MA in Applied Linguistics.

As Head Tutor for the Academy, Manuel specialises in learning technologies, with experience in learning design and research interests in MOOCs and learning analytics, in the intersection between Data Science and Education.

Image of Rob Blair

Dr Rob Blair

Senior Tutor

Rob is Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of East Anglia and Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton’s School of Electronics and Computer Science.

He holds an MSc Information Systems from the University of East Anglia and an MSc & PhD in Web Science from the University of Southampton.

Qualified to teach Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Rob is a highly-experienced teacher specialising in Data Science.

Image of Clare Walsh

Dr Clare Walsh

Course Tutor

Clare has been working in education and assessment for over 20 years and has written over 20 classroom books, and advised organisations and governments on assessment and educational strategy.

She has retrained in the field of data science, completing a PhD in Web Science, looking at ways to quantify valued skills that have been resistant to assessment, such as collaboration and complex solving, using large telemetry data sets from novel gaming technologies.

Clare has been teaching data science since 2020 and is loving having direct contact with students again.

Image of Bernard Roper

Dr Bernard Roper

Course Tutor

Bernard is currently working on a research project with the Ordnance Survey and the University of Southampton, investigating network data analytics using OpenStreetMap provenance data.

He is an experienced research software engineer with particular interests in geospatial data analysis, knowledge graphs, provenance data capture/reconstruction algorithms, and machine learning and reasoning over network graph data.

Image of Johanna Walker

Dr Johanna Walker

Course Tutor

Johanna is a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. Her research focuses on the use of open data for open innovation, with a particular interest in smart cities and the public sector.

She has worked on many data projects, including Data Pitch and Smart Cities Innovation Framework Implementation, and is an Open Data Institute registered trainer.

Her current research focuses on data governance and data and software literacy.

Johanna holds an MBA with Distinction from London Business School where she specialised in strategy and entrepreneurship, and an MSc in Web Science.

Tutoring for SDSA allows her to combine both her business and data science knowledge, as well as staying in touch with real-life data science challenges that the insurance industry faces.

Image of Olivier Philippe

Dr Olivier Philippe

Course Tutor

Olivier is a Research Engineer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center with a PhD in Web Science and a Master's in Sociology and in Psychology.

His main interest is to understand how humans work and behave. The goal to unveil social human behaviour naturally led him to learn and deploy quantitative and qualitative methods.

Nowadays, it is the possibilities offered by the amount of data on social media and the development of Natural Language Processing that interest him the most. His current projects involve studying fake news on media and the fake news and misinformation in health.

Olivier enjoys tutoring at the SDSA as it forces him to rethink some techniques and concepts he uses everyday in a clearer and more concise way. The fact the audience is diverse and also highly qualified in their domain makes the interactions even more interesting. Because of the expertise of the students in their own field he's often amazed by the potential of AI and data science in subjects he's never heard of before.

Image of Gefion Thuermer

Dr Gefion Thuermer

Course Tutor

Gefion is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton. She has a background in Web Science, specifically online participation and human-data interaction.

She works on the ACTION and MediaFutures projects, investigating participation in citizen science and human-data-interaction in innovation processes.

Image of Rachel Hayward

Dr Rachel Hayward

Course Tutor

Rachel is a Postgraduate Researcher at the Centre for Doctoral Training for Human-Centred AI for the Future of Society (HCAI) at the Web Science Institute.

Before starting her PhD much of Rachel's career had been spent working in high precision engineering environments, primarily in the space industry.

A career change led to an interest in urban design and how data-driven methods can enable better design in particular behavioural insights and the codification of landscape design.

Her current research interests focus on large scale analysis of transport perceptions and travel behaviour and how this can contribute to future sustainable transport design.

Rachel has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering and an MA in Landscape Architecture. She looks forward to supporting students throughout their courses.

Image of Carlos Mougan

Carlos Mougan

Course Tutor

Carlos Mougan is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie research fellow on explainable AI and Fairness.

Previously he has worked in the industry as a Data Scientist at the European Central Bank and Deloitte.

He likes tutoring and helping others in their journey through data science and machine learning. He has ranked as one of the top contributors of stack-exchange in an effort to help others learning data science.

Image of Andy Davies

Andy Davies

Course Tutor

Andy Davies is a PhD student with the University of East Anglia, focusing on how different areas of computer science can be used to develop safe, smart homes for vulnerable individuals.

Having previously served in the British Armed Forces, Andy started at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in September 2015 and completed his BSc (Hons) in Computer Sciences in 2019, continuing on to complete his MSc with distinction in cyber security the following academic year.

Andy's prior personal, academic, and occupational experiences have provided him with a keen interest to explore a future in academia, with a particular focus on researching future med-tech.

Image of Ron Strauch

Dr Ron Strauch

Course Tutor

With a strong computational background, Ron studied Artificial Intelligence (MSc) and is currently in completion of his PhD in Deep Learning applied to genomic medicine.

During his time as a Senior Web Engineer at a digital consultancy, he helped introduce technical innovation to the industry and translate tech speak to people of varying backgrounds.

His passion for transferring knowledge is also reflected in his current studies where he combines interdisciplinary knowledge from medicine and AI, bringing together people of two vastly different domains through pair-programming, workshops, lectures, and tutoring in different modules across the University of Southampton.



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