Your online tutors

Your online tutors

Getting access to the tutors is one of the great benefits of this course; not all courses provide this. Digital Analytics Manager, Shop DirectTo ensure you get the most out of your online course, Southampton Data Science Academy is one of the few institutes to provide programmes that are tutor-led by data science experts.

What is a tutor-led online course?

Tutor-led online courses have one or more tutors who use their expertise to teach skills or material to individuals or groups through webinars, tutorials, online exercises, discussions and regular feedback.

What are the benefits of tutor-led courses?

There are many benefits of doing an online course that’s led by a tutor:

  1. Your tutor’s passion for the subject will motivate you and inspire you, helping the content stick in your mind.
  2. Your tutor will make complex data science ideas accessible. If you don’t understand the course material right away, they can provide an alternative explanation or use a different example.
  3. If you have a question about the content, your tutors will be available to answer it. They will work with you to make sure you understand the subject fully.
  4. Your tutor will help you become a more effective learner. They will ask you questions and discuss the course material with you, to help you find the solutions to problems yourself.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss real-life examples from your workplace with your tutor, who may be able to suggest hands-on data science techniques you can use in your current role.
  6. Your tutor will give you the confidence that you can succeed through providing frequent feedback on your progress throughout the course.

Head tutor

profile image of manuel len urrutiaDr Manuel León Urrutia

Manuel is Senior Teaching Fellow in the Web and Internet Science research group of the Electronics and Computer Science department of the University of Southampton. Manuel holds an MSc & Phd in Web Science, and an MA in Applied Linguistics. As head tutor for the Academy, Manuel specialises in learning technologies, with experience in learning design and research interests in MOOCs and learning analytics, in the intersection between Data Science and Education. 

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Senior tutor

profile image of rob blairDr Rob Blair

Lecturer in Computer Science at University of East Anglia and Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton’s School of Electronics and Computer Science, Rob holds an MSc Information Systems from University of East Anglia and an MSc & PhD in Web Science from University of Southampton. Qualified to teach Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Rob is a highly-experienced teacher specialising in data science.

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Course tutors 

Dr Clare Walsh, PhD in Web Science

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Dr Gefion Thuermer, Research Associate with interests in participation, processes and technology and PhD in Web Science

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Dr Johanna Walker, Research Fellow/Knowledge Partner, Web and Internet Science Group at The University of Southampton and PhD in Web Science

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Dr Huw Fryer, PhD in Web Science

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Dr Olivier Philippe, Data Analyst and PhD in Web Science

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Dr Will Lawrence, Data Science Lecturer and PhD in Web Science

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