Fundamentals of Data Science
& Data Science for Digital Marketing
2 Courses that allow you to unlock the potential of data science

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The online platform was easy to use and intuitive with course dates, requirements, deadlines, etc, very clear in one place; a great infrastructure! If I was applying for a Data Science job, I’d want this on my CV.

- Statistician, Office for National Statistics, UK

Do you wish to upgrade your skills in managing data?

Fundamentals of Data Science: A Technical Programme (Python) for Aspiring Data Scientists

  • Understand key concepts in data science and their real-world applications
  • Learn to produce Python code to implement data collection and management scripts

Data Science for Digital Marketing: A Practical Programme for Marketing Professionals

  • Learn to use data to improve campaigns, manage customer interactions, and more
  • Unlock the hidden value in vast amounts of data

A basic understanding of programming/computing and statistics is recommended.

Group and Corporate discounts available.

This course is exclusively designed by
the world-leading Data Science team
at the University of Southampton.